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Antpool, ASICBOOST Share Blame for Bitcoin Network Delays



Bitcoin (BTC) transaction delays and charges are progressively thought to be the outcome of Antpool mining empty blocks.

Numerous reports emerging on social media sites pin the blame for the sluggish rate of approvals on miners purposely not consisting of SegWit purchases.


The technique would cut capability, enhancing waiting times and driving up charges.

Information from Blockchain.info on blocks found post-SegWit activation recommends Antpool, the biggest Bitcoin mining swimming pool, is circumventing SegWit transactions despite losing profits.

” Normally miners will verify as several purchases as they can, because when they confirm one they make the purchase charges from that transaction,” one description reviews.

” Antpool has surrendered $100,000+ in deal charges in the last 24 hrs alone by not validating as lots of transactions as they can.”

The number calculated by one Reddit user suggests Antpool lost out on $102,400 in charges in the past 24 hrs alone.

The motivation behind boycotting SegWit deals lies in thought use of ASICBOOST by miners, a feature which manufacturer Bitmain had actually formerly knocked.

” [Using ASICBOOST], however profitable, is not something we would provide for the higher good of Bitcoin,” the firm composed in a blog post in April.

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