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Famous Wealth Advisor: United States Banks Feel Threatened by Bitcoin


Rainer Michael Preiss, the executive supervisor at Taurus Wealth Advisors, stated in an interview with CNBC that US-based financial institutions and their CEOs feel threatened by the growing adoption as well as popularity of bitcoin.

Earlier this month, Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan, the globe’s largest investment financial institution with a $332 billion market cap, was slammed by both the financial market and cryptocurrency field for his unwarranted stricture of bitcoin. At a banking conference hosted by Barclays, Dimon asserted that bitcoin is a fraudulence which the federal government have to fold the bitcoin network.

Nonetheless, quickly after his statement, CNBC expert and trader Brian Kelly criticized Dimon for his absence of understanding in the structure of bitcoin as well as the opposition of his very own disagreements on bitcoin. At the seminar, Dimon explained that bitcoin has only been confirmed to be helpful in regions like Venezuela that have inadequate financial facilities since people could use bitcoin and its decentralized network to prevent governments.

Kelly kept in mind that Dimon straight negated his comments on the opportunity of governments closing down bitcoin because as Dimon himself admitted, bitcoin is being utilized to prevent federal governments and also existing financial systems.

On CNBC’s Fast Money, Kelly explained:

As well as also, Dimon spoke about exactly how federal governments are going to close it down. Bitcoin is created to go around governments. Jamie even stated in his comments that if you are in Venezuela, it might be great to utilize bitcoin to go around the government, which is precisely the point.”

Financial institutions as well as executives of leading banks fear bitcoin since it has the prospective to run as a different system to the international economic network which a tiny team of banks manage. Unlike fiat cash or traditional possessions, bitcoin could not be managed, censored and adjusted. The decentralized nature of bitcoin makes the really presence of financial institutions as well as banks ineffective with its peer-to-peer procedure.

“Of training course, if you run a huge U.S. financial institution, most likely you are worried of blockchain and bitcoin. The problems have to do with the fractional reserve financial system, and also the annual report of the Federal Reserve at $4.5 trillion, where the Fed officially rejects an audit. On the various other hand, on the bitcoin blockchain, you have an audit everyday because it’s open-sourced,” stated Preiss.

It is essential to recognize the argument presented by Preiss on the open-sourced ecological community of bitcoin since as safety and security specialist John McAfee specified in a feedback to Jamie Dimon, bitcoin can not be a fraud if every piece of info and data regarding bitcoin could be quickly accessed with its blockchain network. “It sets you back $1000 to extract 1 bitcoin.

As bitcoin remains to become adopted and also embraced as a safe house possession and electronic currency by significant institutional investors, professional traders and also the general public, more financial institutions as well as banks will certainly really feel and be afraid endangered by bitcoin, which is a favorable indication of growth.

Financial institutions as well as execs of leading economic institutions fear bitcoin since it has the potential to operate as an alternate system to the global monetary network which a small group of banks manage. The decentralized nature of bitcoin provides the very existence of financial institutions and monetary institutions ineffective via its peer-to-peer protocol.

“Of program, if you run a very big U.S. bank, many probably you are worried of blockchain and bitcoin. It is important to acknowledge the argument provided by Preiss on the open-sourced community of bitcoin since as security professional John McAfee mentioned in a response to Jamie Dimon, bitcoin could not be a fraud if every item of details as well as data concerning bitcoin can be conveniently accessed through its blockchain network.

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